Tony Dunst Eliminated By Tony Ma

Aug 25, 2014

Tony Ma raises to 2,000 from middle position, Tony Dunst calls behind him, and the player in the big blind calls as well.

The flop comes [7s6c4c] and the player in the big blind checks. Ma bets 3,000, then Dunst raises to 11,000, leaving around 4,000 behind. The player in the big blind folds.

Ma looks, sees that Dunst only has a few thousand behind, and moves all-in.  Dunst calls.

Ma tables [KsKd] for an overpair of kings, while Dunst holds [Qc10c] for the flush draw.

The turn brings the [8s] and the river the [Ad], sending Dunst to the rail.

Tony Ma – 54,000
Tony Dunst – eliminated

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