Tony Dunst Gets Value With Kings; Tetsuya Tsujisaka Takes Another Hit

Jan 28, 2024

Tony Dunst

Tony Dunst raises to 80,000 out of the small blind and Tetsuya Tsujisaka calls in the big blind. They check all the way to the Heart ADiamond 8Heart 5Spade 5Diamond Q river on which Dunst bets 110,000.

Tsujisaka calls and can then all but smile and laugh when Dunst flips over his Spade KDiamond K, as he exposes the Club Q. The player from Japan becomes one of the two current short stacks with just 12 big blinds.

Tony Dunst – 1,725,000 (58 bb)
Tetsuya Tsujisaka – 350,000 (12 bb)

Tetsuya Tsujisaka

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