Tony Dunst vs. Allen Kessler with Identical Hands

Nov 4, 2014

Allen Kessler raises UTG+1 to 400, Sabina Hiatuloah calls from the hijack, and WPT Champions Club member Tony Dunst reraises from the cutoff to 1,500. Kessler calls, and Hiatuloah thinks for a while before he calls.

The flop comes [7d6s5c], and action checks to Dunst, who bets 2,200. Kessler quickly calls, and Hiatuloah tanks for a little while before she folds.

The turn card is the [Qd], and Kessler and Dunst both check.

The river card pairs the board with the [7h], and they check again. Kessler shows [10c10s] for two pair, tens and sevens, and Dunst says, "Chop it up" as he turns over [10d10h]. It’s a chopped pot.

Allen Kessler  –  39,000  (260 bb)
Tony Dunst  –  25,000  (166 bb)

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