Tony Ma Eliminated By Joe Serock

Aug 26, 2014

Season X WPT Player of the Year Joe Serock is in the big blind and Tony Ma is under the gun when the two go heads-up to a flop of [9h4c2h].  

Serock bets 2,000, then Ma raises to 7,000. Serock takes some time, then reraises enough to put Ma all-in for his remaining 24,000 or so. Ma shrugs, then calls.

Ma turns over [8c9c] for a pair of nines, while Serock has [Ah4h] for a pair and a flush draw.  The [6d] on the turn keeps Ma out front, but Serock makes his flush with the [10h] on the river to send Ma home early in Day 2 action.

Joe Serock – 82,000
Tony Ma – Eliminated 

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