Tony Sinishtaj Flops The Goods

Nov 26, 2022

Tony Sinishtaj

Tony Sinishtaj opens to 3,500 from under the gun, and action folds to the hi-jack who calls. Nick Palma is on the button and calls. John Gilliam is in the big blind and calls.

The flop falls Club QDiamond QDiamond 5, and Gilliam checks. Sinishtaj continues for 6,000, and the hi-jack calls. Palma and Gilliam fold.

The dealer burns and turns the Spade Q, and action checks through.

The river Diamond 6 completes the board, and Sinishtaj bets 7,000. The hi-jack calls and tables X 2X 2 for a full house.

Sinishtaj tables Heart 5Spade 5 for a flopped full house that got counterfeited on the turn, but it is good enough to collect the pot.

Tony Sinishtaj – 235,000 (157 bbs)
Nick Palma – 41,500 (28 bbs)
John Gilliam – 242,500 (162 bbs)

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