Tony Sinishtaj Takes the Chip Lead

Sep 21, 2020

Kenny Huynh (chaposticks) raised to 528,000 from early position with Heart 9Spade 9, Tony Sinishtaj (ToNiSiNzz) three-bet to 1.7 million from the next seat over with Heart ASpade K, Huynh four-bet to 5.4 million and Sinishtaj called.

The flop came down Club KClub 7Heart 5, Huynh continued for 4.7 million and Sinishtaj called.

The turn was the Club 2 and both checked.

The river was the Diamond 5, Huynh checked, Sinishtaj bet 6.2 million and Huynh folded.

With that pot, Sinishtaj took the chip lead.

Tony Sinishtaj – 36.1 million (150 bb)
Kenny Huynh – 26.2 million (109 bb)

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