Tony Sinishtaj Wins With a Straight to Nearly Tie Things Up

Sep 21, 2020

Tony Sinishtaj Wins With a Straight

Tony Sinishtaj (ToNiSiNzz) raised to 1.3 million with Diamond 7Heart 6, and Kenny Huynh (chaposticks) called with Club 7Club 2.

The flop came Diamond 10Heart 9Diamond 8, Huynh checked, Sinishtaj bet 816,000, and Huynh called.

The turn card was the Heart 2, Huynh checked, Sinishtaj bet 3.3 million, and Huynh called.

The river card was the Club Q, and both players checked. Sinishtaj won the pot with a ten-high straight to tighten up the chip counts.

Tony Sinishtaj  –  52.8 million  (83 bb)
Kenny Huynh  –  55.2 million  (86 bb)

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