Too Many Nines in the Deck; Then Too Many Kings

Apr 28, 2013

0070 Two Kings of Hearts
At Table #59, action was stopped for a couple of minutes when Joey Couden was dealt pocket nines — and both cards were the nine of hearts ([9h]).

Couden stopped the action before anyone acted, and showed the dealer the misdeal. Both cards had the same color back, and a floorperson was sent to get a fresh deck.

As a precaution, the dealer double-checked all the cards in their other deck, and it was fine. The floorperson brought a fresh deck, and again, just as a precaution, the dealer double-checked all the cards.

The replacement deck had no [9h] at all, and two kings of hearts ([Kh]). (As you can see in the photo above.)

This deck was also removed from play so they could fix both decks, and yet another fresh deck was brought over. This one had only one of each card, so play resumed at Table #59.

The deck had apparently been in play for about 15 minutes, and the players tried to think back if anyone was going for a heart flush or a pair of nines or kings, but nobody admitted to any holecards that were helped or hindered by the dirty deck.

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