Top Pair for Kenny Huynh to Increase His Lead

Sep 21, 2020

J-10 vs 9-7

Tony Sinishtaj (ToNiSiNzz) Sinishtaj raised to 1.3 million from the button with Club 9Spade 7 and Kenny Huynh (chaposticks) called with Heart JClub 10 from the big blind.

The flop was Spade 6Club 4Diamond J and Huynh check-called 816,000 from Sinishtaj.

The turn was the Spade 3 and both checked.

The river was the Heart 9, Huynh bet 2.2 million and Sinishtaj called.

Huynh won the hand with a pair of jacks, besting Sinishtaj’s pair of nines.

Kenny Huynh – 60.6 million (95 bb)
Tony Sinishtaj – 47.4 million (74 bb)

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