Top Pair Good For Liberto

Feb 28, 2016

Justin Liberto
We’ve hit the stage of this Day 2 session where short stacks are hitting the rail at a quick pace. Justin Liberto just sent another to the rail, after a few raises got all the chips in on the flop with Liberto’s top pair holding to score the knockout.

On a board of Spade 9Club 7Diamond 3, a player led from the big blind for 28,000 and Liberto, in early position, raised to 69,000. The big blind went into the tank, cutting out his remaining 180,000 a few times before he moved all-in, a re-raise that was met with a snap call.

Liberto turned over Club ADiamond 9 and he’d need his hand to hold, as his opponent held Heart JSpade 7. Top pair did hold, as the Spade 6 and Heart Q completed the board and the elimination. After the hand, Liberto was stacking up just over 680,000, giving him nearly 70 big blinds heading towards the midway point of Level 19.

Justin Liberto – 684,000

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