Top Set for Jonathan Jaffe

Jan 19, 2020

Jake Schwartz raises to 13,000 from middle position, WPT Champions Club member Lee Markholt calls from the next seat over and fellow WPT Champions Club member Jonathan Jaffe three-bets to 52,000 from the hijack. Only Markholt calls.

The flop comes Spade KHeart 2Spade 4 and Markholt check-calls 27,000 from Jaffe.

The turn is the Club 6, Markholt checks, Jaffe bets 48,000 and Markholt folds.

Jaffe shows Heart KClub K for a set of kings as he collects the pot.

Jonathan Jaffe – 405,000
Lee Markholt – 230,000
Jake Schwartz – 190,000

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