Travell Thomas Busts a Player

Sep 16, 2014

A player raises UTG+1 to 3,200, the hijack calls, and Travell Thomas calls from the button. The flop comes [9h9s4c], the UTG+1 player bets 5,000, and the hijack moves all in. Thomas moves all in over the top, and the UTG+1 player folds.

The hijack shows [7h7s] for two pair, nines and sevens, but Thomas turns over [Kc9c] for trip nines.

The turn is the [Jh], the river is the [10c], and Thomas wins the pot with his trip nines to eliminate his opponent.

After the hand, Thomas says he was hoping the UTG+1 player would join the all-in situation so Thomas could build an even bigger stack. But the UTG+1 player claims that he would’ve won the pot had he stayed in. Travell asks if he would’ve made a set or a straight, but the UTG+1 player reveals nothing more.

Travell Thomas  –  265,000  (165 bb)

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