Trickett Moves on Gruissem

Oct 7, 2014

Sam Trickett Philipp Gruissem opens to 5,000 on the button, Sam Trickett three-bets to 12,500 from the small blind, and Gruissem makes the call.

Flop: [Qs] [Td] [3h]

Trickett bets 14,500, and Gruissem makes the call.

Turn: [Ah]

Both players check.

River: [8c]

Trickett moves all-in, and Gruissem asks for a count. It’s 67,300 and Gruissem has around 110,000 behind. A few seconds pass and Gruissem decides to fold, handing Trickett a much needed pot.

Trickett ~ 130,000
Gruissem ~ 110,000

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