Trickett v Chouity in a 4B Pot

Sep 8, 2014

At the start of the hand there was a dead big blind and Nicolas Chouity opens to 17,000 in early position. Sam Trickett occupies the seat two to his left, and he makes it 37,000 to play. Chouity pumps it up to 78,000, and Trickett makes the call.

The action checks down to the river, on a board of [Kh] [Qh] [6s] [7h] [Td], and Chouity slides out a bet of 120,000. Trickett has 315,000 behind and after a few moments thought he releases his hand.

“Pick one,” says Chouity as he slides his cards towards Trickett.

“Nah mate,” says Trickett.

Chouity ~ 611,000
Trickett ~ 315,000

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