Triple for Edward Mallon

Jan 17, 2020

Ali Isirovic raises to 1,600 from middle position and Scott Drobes calls next to act. Edward Mallon calls on the button, as does Jared Jaffee from the small blind.

The flop lands Spade 9Diamond 7Club 4 and action checks to Drobes who bets 5,000. Mallon calls, and Jaffee check-raises to 13,000.

Imsirovic folds, and Drobes calls. Mallon calls all in for 12,900 to create a side pot of 200.

The Diamond 2 checks through on the turn, and when the river lands the Heart 2, Jaffee checks. Drobes bets 10,000, and Jaffee folds.

Drobes tables his Diamond AHeart 9, and Mallon reveals his Spade 7Club 7 for a full house to scoop a triple from the main pot.

Edward Mallon – 46,700
Scott Drobes – 80,000
Jarred Jaffee – 135,000

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