Trips for Danny Qutami; Now Over One Million

May 4, 2018

Danny Qutami

From the hijack, Ryan Van Sanford (pictured below) opens to 15,000 and Danny Qutami (pictured above) calls on the button.

The flop lands Heart 5Diamond 7Diamond 8 and Van Sanford checks to Qutami who bets 20,000. Van Sanford calls, and then checks the Diamond Q on the turn.

Qutami bets 45,000, and again Van Sanford calls as the river lands the Spade 7.

Van Sanford checks, Qutami bets out 200,000, and Van Sanford goes into the tank eventually having to use a time extension button.

With another 30 seconds to think, time ticks down and as it is about to expire, Van Sanford calls.

Qutami tables his Heart KHeart 7 for trips, and Van Sanford mucks.

With this pot, Qutami surges out into the monster chip lead while also becoming the first player to eclipse the million-chip mark.

Ryan Van Sanford

Danny Qutami – 1,050,000
Ryan Van Sanford – 120,000

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