Tristan Wade Robs 'The Jeweler'

Feb 27, 2016

Tristan Wade
As this WPTDeepStacks Big Stax XV 1500 plays through the rest of this Day 1B flight and into tomorrow’s Day 2 session, we’re sure to see some big hands and exciting pots develop. Midway through Level 7 though, we just saw potentially the strangest hand of this event play out, with Tristan Wade moving all-in on the turn, for just four big blinds more than his opponent’s bet, which was evidently enough to force a fold and win the reigning WPTDS Player of the Year the pot.

After a player limped in early position, Wade raised to 2,000 from late position and Joe ‘The Jeweler’ Gola called in the cutoff. The table folded back around to the original limper and he then clicked it back to 7,100, with Wade and Gola both calling to see the Heart ASpade 9Spade 4 flop.

All three players checked and after the Heart K fell on the turn, the limper checked for a second time, along with Wade. Gola then bet 22,000 and after the early position player folded, Wade moved all-in fro 24,400. It was a small raise, one that usually gets snap called, but after re-checking his cards, Gola started laughing to himself.

“I can’t win.” the Philadelphian announced, which brought on some laughter from the rest of the table. After a few more moments of thought, Gola eventually pushed his hand towards the muck and even though we don’t think Wade was bluffing, he showed the Heart J.

In the end, we’ll never know what Wade held but what we do know is that he’s now playing more than a starting stack after robbing ‘The Jeweler’ in one of the weirder hands we’ll likely see during this 1B session.

Tristan Wade – 54,000
Joe ‘The Jeweler’ Gola – 128,000

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