Troyanovskiy and Pateychuk in Blind Skirmish

Sep 5, 2014

Vladimir Troyanovskiy & Andrey Pateychuk The action folds around to Vladimir Troyanovskiy, in the small blind, and he makes the call. WPT Champions Club member, Andrey Pateychuk, is seated in the big blind and he raises to 600. Back to Troyanovskiy and he pumps it up to 1,600 – Pateychuk calls.

Flop: [Kh] [Qh] [Ts]

Troyanovskiy continues his aggression with a 1,700 bet, and Pateychuk calls.

That’s where the action ends as both players check the [4d] turn, and the [9d] river. Troyanovskiy showed [8s] [7c] for the air ball, and Pateychuk takes it down with [Ad] [Td] for a pair of tens.

Pateychuk ~ 36,400
Troyanovskiy ~ 29,400

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