Trung Pham and Alcides Gomes Exchange Back and Forth Doubles

Jan 12, 2020

Trung Pham

On the turn of a Diamond 7Diamond JDiamond 6Heart K board, Alcides Gomez (pictured below) is all in for 2,400,000 from the big blind with Diamond KDiamond 8 against the Diamond AHeart A held by Trung Pham (pictured above) in middle position.

Gomez leads with a flush and holds through the Spade K river to take the chip lead from Pham.

However, that lead is short lived as one orbit later the two exchange a few bets and raises before Pham winds up all in for 3,825,000 against Gomez in the big blind.

Gomez: Diamond AClub Q
Pham: Heart ADiamond K

The flop is Diamond 10Club JSpade J, keeping Pham ahead.

The turn is the Heart K, which gives Gomez the lead with an ace-high straight.

The river is the Heart J, though, which gives Pham jacks full of kings to double back into the chip lead.

Trung Pham – 7,875,000
Alcides Gomez – 4,100,000

Alcides Gomez, Peter Fellows

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