Tseihai Doubles Again on the Bubble

Feb 22, 2016

Not too long ago it was Sam Tsehai who found himself at risk on the money bubble, and he doubled up with pocket aces. Just now, Tsehai raised to 17,000 and Andy Spears moved all in.

Spears had most of the players at the table covered, his shove being for about 400,000, and the only one that wanted to tangle was Tsehai himself.

“Call,” Tsehai said right away, and the following showdown was upon us.

Tsehai: Spade JHeart J
Spears: Spade 6Club 6

The board ran out Heart 9Heart 7Spade JSpade 5Spade 3 and Tsehai doubled up to around 280,000, while Spears was left with 265,000.

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