Tuan Phan Spikes the River to Double Through Claude Codru

Mar 3, 2020

Tuan Phan

WPT Gardens final tablist Tuan Phan (pictured) raises to 20,000 from the hijack, Claude Codru three-bets to 57,000 from the cutoff and Phan calls.

The flop is Club 9Spade 4Heart 7, Phan checks, Codru bets 42,000, Phan check-raises all in for 345,000 and Codru calls after a few moments.

Phan: Spade 10Spade 8
Codru: Heart 10Heart 9

The Diamond 7 turn and Spade 6 river complete the board, giving Phan a ten-high straight to double through Codru.

Tuan Phan – 829,000
Claude Codru – 315,000

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