Tuan Phan vs. Sebastiaan de Jonge

Jan 13, 2020

There is 100,000 in the pot, and the board readsĀ Spade QHeart JClub 3Club J when Sebastiaan de Jonge bets 100,000 from middle position. Tuan Phan check-calls from the big blind before theĀ Heart Q hits on the river.

De Jonge bets 150,000, and Phan check-raises all in. De Jonge folds his cards, and he is down to 240,000 after the hand. Phan stacks up 1.43 million after collecting the pot.

Tuan Phan – 1,430,000 (95 bb)
Sebastiaan de Jonge – 240,000 (16 bb)

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