Tuan Phan Wins Checked Down Pot

Jan 11, 2020

Tuan Phan

Tuan Phan (pictured) raises to 5,500 from the cutoff and Albertin Hernandez calls on the button. From the big blind, David Miscikowski three-bets to 22,500 and both Phan and Hernandez call.

The Spade KHeart QDiamond 8Heart 10Heart K board checks through to the river where Miscikowski tables his Spade 10Heart 8.

Phan reveals his Club AClub 10, and after Hernandez and Miscikowski muck, Phan is pushed the pot.

Tuan Phan – 370,000
Albertin Hernandez – 140,000
David Miscikowski – 65,000

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