Two Big Hands Punish Bartlomiej Paradowski's Lead

Jan 13, 2020

Bartlomiej Paradowski suffered a big loss with queen-jack top pair, to Robin Kazemieh Aghdam who had him kickered with ace-jack in the hole, on a jack high board.

Now he is in another big pot against Daniel Szymanski after he opened the hijack and Szymanski defended his big blind.

It went check-call 165,000 on the Spade 10Diamond 4Diamond 7 flop. Then check-call on the Heart 10 turn.

The Diamond 3 comes on the river and Szymanski leads for 555,000. Bartlomiej Paradowski finds a call but mucks when Szymanski shows turned trips that improved to the flush on the river. “I have everything,” he said as he revealed his cards.

Bartlomiej Paradowski,4800000
Daniel Szymanski,3400000

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