Tyler Cornell Back Over a Million

Aug 28, 2014

Anthony Tao raises to 45,000 on the button, Harut Arutyunyan calls from the small blind, and Tyler Cornell calls from the big blind.

The flop comes [Jc7d2d] and Arutyunyan checks. Cornell bets 50,000, Tao folds, and Arutyunyan calls.

The turn is the [3c]. Arutyunyan is the first to bet this time, putting out 92,000. Cornell calls.

The river pairs the board with the [3h] and Arutyunyan checks. Cornell bets 175,000 and Arutyunyan calls.

Cornell tables [AdJs] for aces up, Arutyunyan mucks, and Cornell takes the pot.

Tyler Cornell – 2,070,000 (104 bb)
Harut Arutyunyan – 735,000 (37 bb)

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