Tyler Kenney Doubles Thru Kyle Welsh

Aug 27, 2014

After a flop of [Jh8d3d] with a little more than 70,000 already in the pot, Kyle Welsh checks the big blind, Tyler Kenney bets 27,000 under the gun, and Welsh check-raises to 125,000. 

Kenney tanks for a while before he raises to 250,000, and Welsh thinks for about 20 seconds before he moves all in for about 840,000.

Kenney tanks for a long time before he calls all in for 783,000 with [AhJd] — top pair, top kicker. Welsh turns over [QcJs] for the same pair with a lower kicker.

The turn is the [5c], the river is the [Kd], and Kenney wins the pot with his ace kicker to double up in chips and cripple Welsh down to just five big blinds.

Tyler Kenney  –  1,640,000  (136 bb)
Kyle Welsh  –  60,000  (5 bb)

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