Tyler Kenney Takes The Lead From Jeremy Kottler

Aug 27, 2014

Jeremy Kottler raises to 35,000 from the hijack and Tyler Kenney calls from the cutoff.

The flop falls [As7d5d] and Kottler continues for 36,000. Kenney calls to see the [Jh] turn. Kottler check-calls 59,000 from Kenney, landing the [Kh] river to the board.

Kottler checks, Kenney bets 167,000 and after about 30 seconds Kottler calls.

Kenney tables [AhKs] for aces and kings, Kottler mucks and Kenney collects the pot.

Tyler Kenney – 2,980,000 (186 bb)
Jeremy Kottler – 2,540,000 (158 bb)

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