Ubaid Habib Tries to Turn Back the Clock

Aug 27, 2014

Ubaid Habib raises from middle position, a player calls behind him, and Bobby Suer moves all-in from the button for irght around 100,000 more.

Habib thinks for several minutes, massaging his temples with his hands as he stresses over his decision.  

Habib quizzes Suer.  "Will you show?"

Suer says nothing.


He takes a couple of minutes more before Daniel Strelitz calls the clock on him, unaware the level will be over in less than a minute.

Once the tournament director makes it to the table and starts to count down, another TD comes on the mic to announce that players are on break.

Habib smiles and asks Strelitz, "Why did you call the clock? It’s break."

"Sorry," Strelitz tells him. "I didn’t realize."

Habib looks at the tournament director, then asks, "Can we call the clock off?"

The tournament director tells him no, and Habib eventually folds. The third player in middle position then takes a good minute or so, suggesting that Suer probably has a hand like K-Q before folding his [Ad7s] face-up, giving Suer the pot.

Bobby Suer – 135,000

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