Unlucky Chop for Adam Hendrix Against Joey Weissman

Mar 7, 2021

Adam Hendrix

Adam Hendrix (pictured) raises from under the gun and Joey Weissman calls from the big blind.

The flop is Club KHeart 9Spade 6 and Weissman check-calls 9,000 from Hendrix.

The turn is the Diamond 6, Weissman leads for 12,000, Hendrix raises to 42,000 and Weissman calls.

The river is the Diamond K, Weissman checks, Hendrix bets 120,000 and Weissman calls immediately.

Hendrix shows Diamond ASpade K for kings full of sixes, Weissman shows Heart KHeart 8 for the same full house, and they chop the pot.

Adam Hendrix – 635,000 (127 bb)
Joey Weissman – 260,000 (52 bb)

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