Up And Down Like Kamel

Nov 9, 2014

Somehow, Tamer Kamel doesn;t have the hump, but we wouldn’t blame him if he did.  The British restauranteur and poker semi-pro has endured a torride time at the table so far this afternoon, and as we move into the evening section of the 14 levels we’ll play today, he is down to a short stack already. 

First, Tamer actually got rather lucky to get back into things with just 6,550 to his name. On a flop of [Ac9sTs], he shoved all-in ith [Ad4d] and was called by [AsJc] . It didn’t look good, but a [4s] on the turn gave him the best hand, and he faded spades to double up to 13,100. 

However, the next hand, he was one of five players to flick a 500 chip into the middle (A WPT-500 chip, if you will) and led to 1500 on a flop of [5h7s6c]. Only Ian Turner called, and Turner also did so on a turn of [Qc]. Now Kamel only had 8,550 left to his name, and he checked the [3h] river, only for Turner to shove all-in! 

Kamel agonised over the fold, looking at turner, the tournament clock and weighing up the rebuy, but in the end, he opted to preserve his tournament life, folding to see Turner muck his winning hands happily. 

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