Vasili Firsau Eliminated in 2nd place (€135,000)

Dec 21, 2013

Vasili Firsau (Final Table)
In the very first hand of heads up play, Vasili Firsau moved all-in from the small blind and Julian Thomas snap called.


Firsau: [4d] [Qc]
Thomas: [Ac] [8c]

The flop [2d] [8d] [6s] brings top pair for the German and the back door flush possibility for Firsau. Turn [Jd] and river [9d] indeed complete said flush and he doubles up to 1,060,000.

Only one hand later Julian Thomas raises to 125,000 and then snap calls the all-in of his opponent.


Firsau: [Qh] [Th]
Thomas: [Ks] [Ah]

This time the board [8c] [3c] [2h] [3s] [Jd] wasn’t as much sweat and the bwin WPT Prague champion has been crowned. Vasili Firsau is runner up again same as in Paris earlier this year and takes home €135,000 for his efforts.

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