Vasili Firsau is Eliminated in 2nd Place ($317,867)

Oct 30, 2013

Mohsin Charania raises to 165,000, Vasili Firsau moves all-in and Charania makes the quick call.


Charania : [Ts] [Th]
Firsau: [Ac] [Qs]

It’s your classic flip. Charania moves over to his rail, and Firsau stays seated as his rail stands up behind him to get a better view of the flop.

Flop: [7h] [7c] [3s]

Charania maintains his lead.

Turn: [8c]

One more card and Charania is champion. He can’t look. His head is bowed. You can see how much this means to him. 

River: [2c]

You can hear shouts of ‘Deuce! Deuce!’ Mohsin Charania is the latest WPT Champions Club member after coming back from the death to beat Vasili Firsau in a mammoth heads up confrontation.

Its hugs all round and Firsau is very gracious in defeat. An excellent performance from the man from Belarus.

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