Veronica Daly Eliminated in Seventh Place ($11,275)

Oct 30, 2017

Veronica Daly

Veronica Daly (pictured) moves all in preflop for 95,000 UTG+1, John David calls on the button, and Upeshka De Silva also calls on the big blind. The flop is dealt 8s5d2h, both players check, and the turn falls 8d. De Silva bets 140,000, and David calls before the river delivers the 2d. De Silva bets 400,000, and David folds Kd4d face-up on the table.

That fold proves to be the correct play when De Silva reveals 8c2c for a full house. Daly holds KcQs, and she is eliminated from the tournament in seventh place, good for $11,275. De Silva stacks up 4.16 million after the hand.

Upeshka De Silva – 4,160,000 (104 bb)
John David – 2,220,000 (55 bb)
Veronica Daly – Eliminated in Seventh Place ($11,275)

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