Vershinin Doubles but Receives a Two Round Penalty

Sep 8, 2014

Mario Perez opens to 10,000 from early position, and the action folds around to Abbas Morady in the hijack seat.

“All-in.” shouts Nikolay Vershinin from the cutoff.

This is the third time that Vershinin has announced ‘all-in’ before it’s his turn to act. Once again the Tournament Director is called, and he explains the ruling in English, in French and also in broken Russian.

What a man.

It’s obvious to everyone that Vershinin is not doing this on purpose. He is not a professional player, and speaks hardly any English.

The TD decides if Morady raises then Vershinin would be free to fold, or move all-in, but should he fold he would have to forfeit the original 10,000 raise by Perez; however, should Morady call, or fold, then Vershinin would have to move all-in.

Morady folds, Vershinin’s all-in stands, and Perez makes the call.


Vershinin: [Ks] [Jd]
Perez: [Jh] [Js]

Board: [Kh] [9c] [4c] [5h] [Qs]

The King on the flop eliminates Perez, as Vershanin has him covered by just 2,000.

Morady tells the table he folded pocket eights, and the TD gives Vershanin a two round penalty.

Vershanin has come back from just 25,000 chips to a stack of 270,000.

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