"Veteran Move" by Tony Dunst to River a Chop Against Dylan Wilkerson

Apr 3, 2023

Tony DunstPhoto:  WPT Commentator and Champions Club Member Tony Dunst

Tony Dunst raises to 80,000 from the hijack, Dylan Wilkerson three-bets to 420,000 from the cutoff, Dunst four-bets, and Wilkerson calls all in for another 5,000.

Dunst:  Diamond AHeart Q
Wilkerson:  Heart AHeart K

The flop comes Spade 8Spade 7Club 6, keeping Wilkerson ahead.

The turn is the Club 4, putting a potential straight on the board.

“Five,” says Dunst.

The river is the Diamond 5, putting an eight-high straight on the board to chop the pot, much to Dunst’s delight.

“Veteran move,” jokes tablemate David “ODB” Baker.

Tony Dunst  –  1,940,000  (49 bb)
Dylan Wilkerson  –  475,000  (12 bb)

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