Victor Ramdin Eliminated in 6th Place ($130,672)

Sep 20, 2019

Elimination Victor Ramdin

Hand #39: Dave Farah raises to 325,000 from under the gun before Kevin Albers three-bets to 950,000 from the cutoff. From the big blind, Victor Ramdin (pictured) moves all in for 1,850,000. Farah folds, and Albers calls.

Albers: Diamond JDiamond 8
Ramdin: Club KSpade K

Ramdin is at-risk, but in the lead with his over pair, and when the dealer spreads the Spade 5Heart 4Club 9 to keep Ramdin with the advantage.

Elimination Victor Ramdin

The turn lands the Spade 7 to give Albers a double gutshot straight draw with any ten or six completing his straight.

The river lands the Diamond 10 to fill Albers straight and send Ramdin to the rail in sixth place for a $130,672 payday.

Kevin Albers – 8,750,000
Victor Ramdin – Eliminated in 6th Place ($130,672)

Elimination Victor Ramdin

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