Vince Van Patten's Table Tennis Challenge

Nov 4, 2014

Shuffle Up & Deal
During this afternoon’s "Shuffle up and deal" announcement, WPT Commentator Vince Van Patten issued an open challenge to the players in the field.

Before joining the World Poker Tour, Van Patten was a professional tennis player who was ranked as high as #26 in the world. Van Patten is still an exceptional athlete, but his challenge isn’t in tennis — it’s in table tennis. (Commonly known in the USA as "ping pong.")

There is a table tennis table in the lobby of the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort where most of the players are staying, and Van Patten is willing to play any of the players for up to $100, and he’ll even spot them five points in a first-to-21-points match.

The mechanics of table tennis are very different than regular tennis, so it’ll be interesting to see how Van Patten’s skills on the tennis court translate to the table tennis table.

If anyone accepts Van Patten’s challenge, we’ll do our best to provide photos and/or video of the game.

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