Vladimir Troyanovskiy Eliminated by Alexander Denisov

Sep 7, 2014

Vladimir Troyanovskiy Nikolay Vershinin opens to 3,200, in early position, Alexander Denisov flats in middle position, before Vladimir Troyanovskiy squeezes to 11,200 from the hijack. Vershinin releases his hand immediately, but Denisov wants to see a flop.

Flop: [Kc] [Jc] [Js]

The two Russians are all smiles as they head to the flop, and even exchange a few pleasantries. Denisov checks, Troyanovskiy bets 9,500, and Denisov makes the call.

Turn: [7d]

Denisov leads for 5,500, and after toying with his chips for 30-seconds, Troyanovskiy moves all-in and Denisov calls instantly.


Denisov: [7h] [7c]
Troyanovskiy: [Ac] [Kd]

Troyanovskiy needs a king, and the [6c] is not regal enough. The high roller is out and the smile has gone. He looks at Denisov, shakes his head and leaves the tournament.

Denisov ~ 150,000

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