Wade Doubles on the Last Hand Before Break

Feb 28, 2016

Patrick Martorella raises to 50,000, a player from middle position calls and Tristan wade calls from the big blind. They see a flop of Club QClub 3Heart 4 and Wade checks. Martorella bets 90,000 and the middle position player folds. With the action back on Wade he moves all in for his last 355,000, Martorella calls and the hands are shown.

Martorella: Diamond KDiamond Q
Wade: Heart 5Heart 2

Martorella is holding top pair and he will need to fade the turn and river to eliminate Wade who holds an open ended straight draw. The Diamond 6 hits the turn and Wade turns his straight leaving Martorella drawing dead. The meaningless Spade 9 completes the board and Wade earns the double up.

Tristan Wade- 1,000,000

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