Wade Biggest Of Day 2 Buy-Ins

Feb 28, 2016

Tristan Wade
This WPTDS Big Stax XV structure allowed players to buy-in before the start of this Day 2 session and in total, 15 players elected to take a chance with 10 big blinds and the button at the start of Level 16. A handful of those players have hit the rail but a few are still battling, with Tristan Wade leading that group.

Wade, the reigning WPTDS Player of the Year, started Day 2 with 50,000 and over the first half hour of Day 2, has nearly quadrupled that stack. His most recent addition just came in a hand against Soheb Porbandarwala, one that moves Wade up near the chip average.

A few other Day 2 buy-ins that are still alive are Esther Taylor-Brady and Kyle Bowker, who are playing just over 60,000. Mark ‘dipthrong’ Herm also joined before 12 PM and he’s now playing just over 110,000.

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