Ashraf Waheed is affectionately known as ‘Wadey’ here at DTD, and his popularity endures after this hand.  He lays down a bet of 2500 into a pot of 12.5k on a flop of [Ks9dKc] and Hussain Imran calls. 

The turn falls [4c] and Wadey immediately shoves all-in for 27,850. Imran is clearly thinking about making the call, but he eventually throws it away.

"Do you think pocket deuces wins there?" Ashraf asks. 

No reply from Imran. 

Ashraf Waheed 45,350 

Elsewhere, we’ve lost John Hall, who couldn’t wait to get all of his chips in with [Jc5h] on a jack-high flop. but his opponent held pocket queens, and Hall is in search of either refreshment or the registration desk to rebuy. 

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