Warburton Extends His Lead; Van Riet Hit

May 15, 2015

Pim van Riet opens to 53,000 from the hijack, and Steve Warburton defends the big blind.

Flop: Tclub 8club 2spade

Warburton check-calls a 78,000 Van Riet bet.

Turn: Jspade

Warburton leads for 162,000, and Van Riet makes the call.

River: Theart

Warburton bets 298,000, and Van Riet makes a very quick call. Warburton shows Tspade 8heart for the rivered full house, and Van Riet’s hand goes into the muck.

Warburton ~ 2,791,000
Van Riet ~ 740,000

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