Warburton v Fundaro

May 15, 2015

Steve Warburton opens to 13,000 in the cutoff, Giacomo Fundaro calls on the button, and Sandro Pitzanti does likewise in the big blind.

Flop: Tclub 7spade 4spade

The action checks to Warburton, who bets 28,000, Fundaro raises to 71,000, Pitzanti folds, and Warburton makes a quick call.

Turn: Qclub

Both players check.

River: Qdiamond

Warburton leads for 124,000, and Fundaro tanks for some time before making the call. Warburton shows Adiamond Qheart, and the Italian shows Aclub Tdiamond.

Warburton ~ 720,000
Fundaro ~ 670,000

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