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Nov 13, 2014

We thought the table featuring Kevin Allen and Chaz Chattha would be good fun, value for a few levelling battles maybe, but we had no idea that also sat at their table was Cronin Cornelius. As we arrived tales of cornelius jamming on Chaz on a previous river where Cronin had 4-high are being repeated around the table like old family stories.

As we join, Cornelius is raising, throwing a 5,000 chip in on the turn of a [6dKh7d7c] board. Everyone folds, and he shows [Js6h]. 

"That’s not even one of his bluffs, " jokes Chattha, "He’s raising for value there!" 

Cornelius may be throwing his chips around, but has accumulated 80,000 in less time thatn it’s taken most of the patrons here on Day 1E to find their seat and work out their table. Despite that, he’s not the most confident of his chances of winning the title. 

"Listen," he says, holding court, "In a field like this, what chance have I got? About 4,000 to 1. And if that’s bad, these guys…" he says, indicating every other player at his table, "…they’ve got as much chance of seeing God." 

In the next pot, Cornelius is in again, calling a pre-flop raise, and betting 2,000 on [KdQdQs]. Two players call, one of them being Chattha.

"He’s been all-in most hands." says Kevin of his table neighbour and new best friend. Cornelius claims if he knew we were reporting the last hand, he’d have shoved. 

"So, stay around." laughs Kevin.  this time, though, Cronin checks to the river. Only he and Chattha turn their cards, Cronin shows [Ks3c] and Chattha turns over [AdKh]. 

"What do you do if I shove you there?" asks Cornelius.

"I snap-call you every time!" says Chattha. When the table stop laughing, there’s some terrific action at this table.  

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