Watts, Daher and Buonnano

Sep 6, 2014

WPT National Marbella winner, Steve Watts, last years WPT Cyprus runner-up, Albert Daher, and the recent EPT Grand Final champion Antonio Buonanno, are all sharing table space in the first level of play.

Here is some of the action from that table.

Albert Daher opens to 300 from first position, the button calls as does the big blind. All three players check through to the turn on a board of [Ac] [Kh] [4h] [2d], the big blind leads for 600, Daher laughs and calls before the button folds. The river card is the [Qh], both players check and Daher’s opponent takes the pot with [Ah] [8d].

Steve Watts opens to 300 on the button, the small blind calls, as does Daher in the big blind. The play is checked through to the turn on a board of [Jd] [Jc] [8c] [3d] and Daher takes the pot with an uncontested 500 bet.

Finally, the player in first position tries to see a cheap flop, Watts raises to 250 from the cutoff, Daher raises to 900 from the small blind and both players fold. Watts shows Daher [Ad] [8d].

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