Wattsy In & Out

Nov 13, 2014

Steve Watts

No sooner had we seen him double was Steve Watts heading for the Cash Desk to re-enter. James ‘Flushy’ Dempsey bet 800, Watts raised to 2,100, called by Paul romain, one other and James. 

The flop came 8-high with two hearts, and everyone checked.  On the turn of [7h] a bet of 5,000 was folded to be Dempsey raised to 12,000 by Watts and shoved on by Romain! Steve called it off with the turned straight and his [6c5d], but Romain has turned the heart flush and knocks out the Londoner.  Watts re-enters, but Romain is up to 80,000 and cruising.  

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