Who's Conning Who?

Nov 13, 2014

Shaun Conning Shaun Conning calls the bet from Mudasser Hussain pre-flop for 525. 
On the [4c7c6s], Hussain continues for 600, and gets another call from Conning. On the turn of [Ts] it’s pumped up by 1,600, again from Hussain, again the call from Conning, who has now check-called two streets.  the [Kc] river propts another check from Conning, but wisely from Hussain too, as he turns over [JhJd] and is shown [KsQs] by Conning, who rakes the pot. 

We’re flying towards 300 entries here at DTD as the players approach their first break. They’ll be able to chill out in the partypoker Players’ Lounge if they choose, playing killer pool, darts or taking out their bad beat stress on the boxing machine. 

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