Who's the Leader?

Apr 2, 2007

I just circled the tables three times and I still can’t figure out who the chip leader is. We have something like a dozen stacks in the T250,000-T350,000 range, and they’re all close enough to be indiscernable from the rest.

Once the bubble bursts, I think that will change. The small stacks will start moving their chips around again creating more fluctuation. Until then, though, I don’t have a clue who’s winning; there’s sure no runaway horse.

One guy who’s made a big move is Darrell Dicken. Better known as ‘Gigabet’, the handle he played under online for a number of years, Dicken is usually quiet at the table but has shown an uncharacteristic amount of personality today. He just took a big pot from Casey Griswold.

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