Who's Where?

Mar 30, 2007

The pros are still filing in as play gets under way. Here’s a look at who’s here and how they’re arranged:

– Bill Gazes, Michael Gracz
– Best friends Vinny Procopio and John Hennigan
Gavin Smith and Ted Lawson
Allen Cunningham and Isaac Haxton
– Ed Jordan, Michael Binger nd Jacobo “The Slow” Fernandez
Joe Sebok and James Van Alstyne
John D’Agostino, Curt Kohlberg, Devin Miller and John Racener
– Eric Froehlich and Chuck Kelley
– Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy and Amnon Filippi
– Erik Seidel and Laura Fink
– Bill Jensen and Brock Parker.

Additionally, here are some of the other names in attendance:

David Pham, Gary Kainer, Chau Giang, Chris Bell, Bernard Lee, Scott Fischmann, Jen-Robert Belland and Hoyt Corkins

Curt Kohlberg

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