Will Failla Doubles Through Randy Burnette

Nov 5, 2014

Randy Burnette makes the price of admission 2,100 preflop on the button and Will Failla buys the ticket and takes the ride UTG+1. The flop is dealt [Jh10c2h] and Burnette bets 8,000. Failla raises all in and Burnette calls. The two players then flip over their cards.

Failla: [10h10d]
Burnette: [AsAc]

Turn and River: [4hJs]

Faillia doubles up to survive with 38,100 and Burnette drops to 44,000 after paying out the double.

Will Failla – 38,100 (47 bb)
Randy Burnette – 44,000 (55 bb)

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